About Us

There is nothing better than creating a business doing something you love!  

I truly enjoy the process of every piece I create. As you can see by some of my designs, I have a bit of a quirky and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor. Laughter and fun are always the best doses of medicine!

If you have something in mind that is different from the designs in my shop, please feel free to email me at crystalsglassdesigns@gmail.com with your ideas or requests!

We also love attending wine, beer and shopping events in the local area (Northeast Pennsylvania).  If you're hosting an event and interested in having us as vendors, please contact me at crystalsglassdesigns@gmail.com.  

Are you looking for a fun idea for an evening with friends or a unique bachelorette party? Contact me to book a painting party or a sip and shop party.

Email:  crystalsglassdesigns@gmail.com

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